Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brampton Embraces Express

The conversion of locals to becoming die-hard Burnaby Express fans is becoming more and more complete! Many of these fans are younger and all were heard discussing plans of moving to Burnaby as soon as they get old enough to drive so that they could further follow and cheer for the team that plays at the rink on Joe Sakic Way. These young fans were bussed in from local schools and adopted the express as "their team!" Once again many of the huge throngs of fans wore their purple plastic seat costumes to the game to complete their stealth act of not appearing like they were actually attending this Canadian Championship. Reminds me a bit of the World Junior Championship games that are held in other countries other than Canada or North Dakota! These kids out here deserve better, with more fans than we have seen. Very refreshing to have these school kids out. Shame on the organizers for "selling" all their tickets to these kids and then having nothing left to sell the handful of parents, family and friends but the $ 25 tickets!! What a gouge...... shame, shame!!

The Boys have qualified for the semi-finals, but do not know who they will be playing at present. Just got word that Joliette has beaten the Host team 4-1 (Streetsville playing AP's and back up keeper!). Streetsville will finish first regardless (not "irregardless" skatesharpener!) and we can finish 2, 3 or maybe even 4 depending on the game with Joliette tomorrow. Boys will be playing to win to get home line change advantage for the semi game, but don't be surprised if there are some new bodies put in charge of that task.

Last comment............ all teams are staying at the same hotel and it is a very controlled, sedate environment out here. Parents, billets be very proud of your boys, they are all fine young gentlemen who are shining examples of family/team/province(BC) and we are all more and more proud of them each day.

Looking forward to beating the "Action" tomorrow


See you soon C.


Blogger skatesharpener said...

irregardless(lol) of what you say doc,you a fine person doing this blog thingie.Hope the players know what you mean to this team cause I do!All the FREE time and money that you donate for this cause.You really are a special person and I am proud to be a friend.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Mom watching from home said...

Yeah, thanks so much for providing us with the sights and the sounds of the Royal Bank Cup. Now go get 'em tomorrow boys! Let's show these teams what we've got and rattle them before the playoffs begin. Good luck!

11:03 PM  
Blogger snuffy said...

Hey Scottie....those ticket prices are about as shameful as the Express ticket prices during the playoffs. Boy...jacking the price every round sure helped fill the building didn't it?
Didn't know Astman was such a sap! surprised there are no attachments to his blog comments

7:36 PM  

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