Monday, May 08, 2006

Express Win 1st Game @ RBC ..... 4-2 over Yorkton

Much better effort team!!!! Played a very big, hard hitting, bush wacking Yorkton Terrier squad and showed up with plenty of effort. 2 quick goals and lots of hits both ways and the boys are building some RBC momentum. This team was the top ranked team in this tournament and it wasn't because of their hockey skills, rather their big, physical, whinning about every call style of play.

Speed-wise our boys were up to snuff this time around. The ice was still like skating in sawdust but we trudged through it (both teams had to slush through it!). There was again a lack of finish at times that we are not used to seeing with the express, but I confirmed with a number of the players that pucks were not sliding as they were used to back on home ice.

The ref called the eary part of the game close and gradually let more and more go and this favoured our flatlander opponents as that is a big part of their skill set ( Maybe Lee Boydon could get them faller/bucker gigs on Vancouver Island??). Lots of crap behind the play not called and it was great to see us turn the other cheek and focus on trying to put the puck through to the net. Would be nice to see the officiating consistent at a National Level, but we adapted as we can.


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what a homer doc lol

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miss u2 and Iam sure wendy does 2

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Blogger Mom watching from home said...

Great to hear news from the RBC. Have a great day off boys, but be ready to play on Wed.

11:44 PM  
Blogger DJKyle said...

Great job Scotty, Keep the locomotive going full speed ahead Express.

3:28 PM  
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