Sunday, May 07, 2006

Final score vs Streetsville!!!

Ok, not how most of us saw this starting!

Didn't see this coming but there are positives if we look for them. The lads appeared ready when I hooked up with them Saturday afternoon. I flew in (little or no sleep for 4 of us on this flight), checked in to the hotel and pretty much was soon off to the rink. The games are being played in the Powerade Center ( did I tell you I didn't like corperate names on arenas!) and it is a great facility. There are plenty of very willing and giving volunteers, just like with most hockey organizations (give yourselves a pat on the back, all of you now!), and we are well taken care of here. The boys took the ice around 7:30ish and had to endure a lengthy opening ceremony(yawn). The Streetsville team were playing their first meaningful game in 71 days and had lost in the first round of their league playoffs. Both teams looked tenative for the first 5 minutes and we had to kill off a penalty in the first minute. We looked God awful for the first 10 minutes could barely get a shot on goal (including 2 powerplays[pp's]). Streetsville score on the PP and we were down 1-0. Passes were in skates, non-existant and there appeared to be no compete. From the 10 minute mark on we started to play more of our game and we started to get a better look at who Streetsville was. Kyle Turris got a nice deflected goal before the end of the period and we went into the break tied at 1's.

There appeared to be alot of bouncing pucks, missed offensive opportunity and the team looked very sluggish. Different start to the 2nd period. The Express we have seen through the playoffs returned to the ice for the timebeing and dominated, Streetsville looked like a middle of the pack Junior B team. We scored 2 nice goals and should have had 3 or 4 more, still struggling with controlling the puck (real shitty ice!). ...........Go to next post, limited to space here!


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