Friday, May 12, 2006

Mark Soares pre-season!

And @ the RBC with his eyes on the Prize

5 Year most popular player Mark Soares is focussed on his pot'o'gold like never have I seen him before! His transition from 16 year old walk-on at our first camp to a take no shit from no-one Gladiator with offense/defense heart and leading by example is a story within a story. Do not tell Mark that something "can't" be done, I repeat..........DO NOT! He will not only disagree but go out and prove you wrong. His mission is coming to fruition!!!! We are lucky to have him on our team and to be a leader for our younger players, let alone a whole frickin hockey community! Young hockey players out there here is a icon for success and watch what he does this weekend! He is our "Portugese Dancing War Rooster!"



Blogger DJKyle said...

Did anyone watch Colorado/Anaheim Game last night. Anyways Ducks won who cares but let the boys know tsn posted the score from the Express/Jolieete Game aka Pac vs East on their bottom line during the Intermission(first I Believe)

3:46 PM  
Blogger anthem singer said...

Mark has always been a personal hero for Express fans. It is great to see him getting a wider recognition for his skill and dedication as a hockey player. Go for it Soarzie.

4:32 PM  
Blogger skatesharpener said...

Mark is the portugese man of war.From day 1 five yrs ago Mark has given everything for the team and taken no shit from anybody.He will be a sucess at whatever he chooses.Just needs some elevator shoes (lol)

6:42 PM  

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