Monday, May 08, 2006

Monster Game from Merth

Peter Merth played the game of his life this afternoon. His physical play and offensive contributions earned him and his team 2 points and Peter the player of the game award for his team. Well deserved and nice to see a superior defender receive the just reward! Peter has being doing this selflessly for 4 years for this team and is all about team first.

Peter nailed one of the larger Terriers at the team benchs, almost depositing him in the dugout. Pete said after the game," he was pretty strong on his feet, wasn't he"........with a big Cheshire Cat grin! College and pro scouts aren't missing his and other Express players' performances.

Day off from the rink, and a trip to Niagara Falls for the lads. Fort William gets to experience express on Wednesday.

Good to see so many parents and family getting to our games!

We're missing the married Italians........ Vinny and Carlo (Finnuccci and Santorelli), hope you two are here soon?

Way too many fans disguised as a few thousand purple seats at the "Powerade Center." Locals are saying that its the "Laughs" or nothing around these parts. Too bad, I hope people find their way to a seat for the final........ would hate to see TSN broadcast nationally with an empty barn????

Off to work out and blow some cobwebs off my cycling legs!

More later, hope you are enjoying......... let your friends know about the blog and the game on Sunday (TSN)


C. see you soon

PS Happy Birthday.............. again Billy R. The boys sure love you ! (too many desserts?)


Blogger DJKyle said...


Same rules about fighting in rbc as doyle?

3:32 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yes, One fight

8:43 PM  

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