Friday, May 12, 2006

More Hardware

#22 Mark Soares of our Bby Express is named tournament most sportsmanlike and wins $500 scholarship along with a great trophy. Quite an honor for this player. This post is probably not reaching his family as I think all 563 of them are hear supporting Joe and Paula's dynamo.

What more can be said about Mark, I know the school that secures his speed and style of play will go as far as Mark has led every team his played on

Congratulations Lady Byng



Blogger Day One Express Fan said...

Scott, if you see Paula can you please tell her that her two roomies from Victoria are real proud of her boy!!!


9:19 PM  
Blogger Scott said...


10:14 PM  
Blogger skatesharpener said...

Way to go Soarzie.Now just cap that with the BIG 1.

7:24 AM  
Blogger anthem singer said...

What more can you say about this guy. He is an inspiration to his team and shows that you can play the game hard and still remain a true sportsman. Way to go Mark.

To Paula and Joe- Congrats to you both for raising such a great son.

10:02 AM  
Blogger skatesharpener said...

Soares your goal just cost me a real bad bet at the shop.Good luck in the final.

3:43 PM  

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