Sunday, May 14, 2006

Need I Say more!

I have a few hundred photos from the game , dressing room and after-soire, but I felt this one from a 20 year old sipping champagne from the RBC captures it for me. There was a lot of emotion surrounding the last week and a bit, and it didn't deflect off me.

May get a chance to post before I go, if not, then congratulations to all of us and I do mean every single one of us, we all are part of the sweetness of a job well done. Good night




Blogger anthem singer said...

Scott. A job well done on the RBC Blog. You have certainly kept rest of us in the wider Express family in the loop and made us feel a part of the fantastic success.

Many Many congrats to the boys who played with such heart not only in the tournament but over the course of the 92 game season. We love you guys.

2:14 PM  

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