Friday, May 12, 2006

Parents and Family Support

The Express sure have been supported by their respective families!

There have been great sacrifices of time , cost and distance made by many to cheer on these warriors. The "We love Kyle Turris #8" lucky sign made the trip, we will take anything we can muster in addition to great play and coaching to take home the RBC. Heard the gathering at BWC is growing for the final game. The boys are made aware of this following from our side of the country and this certainly is fuel for their fire, keep up the is felt deeply out here!

This is a day of reflection for all involved out here as we all get ready for the semi-final. Fort William is going to see a different, more complete opponent this time around. Don't be surprised to see the volume turned up real loud for this game, the team really wants to go all the way.

Will be interesting to see who gets what award at he banquet tonite? Don't be surprised to see the Streetsville goalie (name? Wilson?) get the MVP. He certainly stopped some quality puck when he played us!

Our guys are all MVTM'S (most valued team mates), maybe a bonus award is out there for one or more of them??




Blogger anthem singer said...

Great Mums, Great Dads, Great Fans, Great Management and Coaching Staff and last but not least a great bunch of young men who are a credit to themselves, their families and to Canada ( the USA in the case of Steve). A heady mixture sure to bring success.

Go for the gold guys. I know as do all Express fans that you will make it happen. God bless you all

Bill ( the Anthem singer)

4:30 PM  

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