Friday, May 12, 2006

"The Prize"

The holy Grail for 2006.............stay tuned!


Blogger anthem singer said...

Scottie. The Holy Grail (as you put it) is definitely in sight. I have faith in our Boys that they can negotiate the last 2 laps successfuly and arrive in the promised land atop the Junior A hockey scene in Canada as Champs.

What a ride this has been for all in the Express camp. Thanks boys for all the memories so far. My prayers are with you all.

Bill ( the Anthem Singer)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Day One Express Fan said...

Scott, thanks so much for doing this for us that are back home! It has been great looking each day for the updates on your blog.
Please tell the guys for us that the number is up to 24 for the BWC party on Sunday and growing daily!
We can't all be there in person but we will be cheering like mad in that final game on Sunday!



1:21 PM  
Blogger DJKyle said...

DJKyle will be in full rock and roll party mode at BWC on Sunday, I understand the music there is an issue? Express and fans in TO are number one in our hearts and minds.
Bring me the RBC Boys

3:49 PM  

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