Saturday, May 13, 2006

Script already written, Express just following Destiny!

You all know the score by now Express 3 - FW 2 (OT)!

Two goals in the last 2 minutes, the tying goal with 12 ticks left in regulation. A great offensive surge in OT Turris back to Seabrooke who feathered a perfect pass into Mark Soares who potted the puck in the back of the net! Many of us hung on to the dream, yet with all of you, we died a couple of deaths in regulation and through to overtime.

Great games by the veteran leaders on this team, all of them stepping up for this mission. We are hurting (undiscloseable at this time), but these gladiators will get patched over nite, tape an aspirin or two on their wounds and finish the season off in style.

Luker, Simoes, Orban, Rogers, Irwin, Crowder and Soares will all be playing their last game of Junior hockey due to age and several others have schollied and this will also be their last. This will not be a factor in their preparations for tomorrow, but will instead be a very sweet marachino on top of a huge mountain on Ice Cream! Their eyes are still on the prize.

Hoping that everyone out there in Cyber-world is as excited about the game tomorrow as I am. This has been 5 years in the making for me and an incredible labour of love for the game, the players and all associated with the team. We have already won, the manuscript followed to a tee by all of us. One day of our hardest work left.

I'll be in touch if anything crosses my way

Pooped in Brampton


PS. A very happy 16th birthday wish to BillyReimer, tireless stick boy for the Express


Blogger Day One Express Fan said...

Scott, what an amazing game we were all holding our breath in the last few minutes of the game. It couldn't have ended any better Soares scoring the winning goal!! Paula and Joe must be going we understand that there is a delay in the game broadcast for TSN so we are still trying to see about BWC tomorrow...but just tell the guys that we are cheering them on it just might be a little later than they think!

We are so proud of what they have done so far...numbers are up to 30 now for BWC!


5:45 PM  
Blogger Mom watching from home said...

Wow that was amazing! I hate to admit but I'd almost given up. Congratulations to all the guys and an extra special "congrats" to Kyle Turris for keeping the dream alive. Go for it tomorrow, you guys. I know all of you will be giving it your all. We're so proud of you back home!

9:21 PM  
Blogger A.D. and M said...

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10:16 PM  
Blogger A.D. and M said...

Unbelievable!!!! Need I say more?? I don't know how they did it, but I'm sure glad they did! We can't wait for tomorrow!!!

10:19 PM  
Blogger anthem singer said...

I echo Darlene's sentiments on an amazing end to the game. Thinking we were dead in the water with 2 mins to go I was shaken out of my thoughts of the boys have done great to get this far. They are gladiators in the truest sense sticking to the task in hand and not surrendering. I salute them all.

I like others will be at the BWC tomorrow cheering our gladiators on to victory.

God bless Our Express

10:23 PM  
Blogger expresstraincoming said...

I just wanted to repost what I posted before (last nite - Sat)

expresstraincoming said...

This is Mark Jones - past voice of the Express during their second season. All I can say is "wow!". Unbelievable, and all I can say is I'll be routing for the boys from here. Many of them don't know me, as I haven't been around this season due to career committments; however, I've kept an eye on them, and I'm very happy to see what's been accomplished so far. Seabrook, Soares, Crowder, Merth (am I forgetting any of the carry overs from 04/05) - you guys have definitely earned this. Keep the train rolling. And remember "let's make some noise!".

Go Express Go!

Look forward to seeing all of the Express upon their return to Vancouver. Let's keep in touch Doc. I'm looking to hear the many great memories from Darcy, Rick, Eddie and others in the weeks to come. Tracy knows how to reach me.

12:11 AM

Congrats to The Express! Whose Laughing now?! Way to go!

11:03 PM  
Blogger expresstraincoming said...

By the Way, Cooker, you did an amazing job wearing the C; way to go!

11:06 PM  

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