Thursday, May 11, 2006

Semi-Finals Await

By now you know the score? Express 5.......Jolliete3

We had the luxury of not throwing all our fire-power at the East Champions, and didn't but we have plenty of depth that allowed us to beat these guys rather handily. The bench was shortened to 2 lines for the 3rd period such that we didn't risk injury to the top two lines and the boys did a great job. The french Flashes threw a lot of desperation at us for the last 10 minutes and carved a 4-1 leaddown by 2 goals. They gave it their all but ran into a piece of plexi-glass across the net named Mathew Gordon. Our superstar-in-waiting was brilliant, especially with the chunk of leather on his left hand foiling the no-quit quebecois. He clearly showed up his rival 190 feet across the ice, named Hartley (son of Atlanta Thrasher's coach Bob Hartley!). Shots on goal did not reflect the play as the coaches used all the cards in their deck to work the team in for the semis and beyond.

Debra, Gordo's photo for you........... he earned a big stripe in mine and every other set of eyes watching him tonite!( Bloggers can be manipulated).

Banquet tomorrow nite, practise tomorrow morning...... missing Everton our 1st Bussy, had a freak-show for the trip back from the rink. We're healthy, happy, hungry and running out of clean clothes (good sign I think!). Snuffy I passed along your message to Verm (he said to keep his truck if you can find it?). Tracey and her mom arrived in one piece as did owners Hannigan and McLean! Welcome....... the contingent grows as does our anticipation of a RBC. Where's Patty and Tim, Robbie (Billy? Giants?).

I smell it skatesharpener, and it smells good (better than the press box!!!!)

1:00 am out here, Dr. Merth is giving me the evil look like I should be wrapping this up, don't want anything from his medicine chest slipped into my morning coffee?

Nite all, catch you 2morrow



Blogger shan said...

Hi! this is shannon, new person in the office here. By robbie, are you referring to my dad, rob lambie? becuase he is in ontario too right now, since tuesday.
go express!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Mom watching from home said...

Hey Scott. Thanks for the picture of my boy and the kind words. I'm so glad he got a chance to play and then got the win. Congrats to Grassi too! Great game. Tell the boys to have fun today cause it's back to work tomorrow.
My backs a little sore, if you're not too busy when you get home ... Ha!Ha!

9:56 AM  
Blogger A.D. and M said...

Way to go Matt!!!! We're so proud of you and your team! You just may have gotten us newbies hooked on hockey now!!! Good Luck with the rest of the games! We'll be listening/watching at our computers!
Thanks for the blog Scott! Never been to one before, but now know what they're all about. This one's great!

8:04 PM  
Blogger expresstraincoming said...


This is Mark Jones - past voice of the Express during their second season. All I can say is "wow!". Unbelievable, and all I can say is I'll be routing for the boys from here. Many of them don't know me, as I haven't been around this season due to career committments; however, I've kept an eye on them, and I'm very happy to see what's been accomplished so far. Seabrook, Soares, Crowder, Merth (am I forgetting any of the carry overs from 04/05) - you guys have definitely earned this. Keep the train rolling. And remember "let's make some noise!".

Go Express Go!

Look forward to seeing all of the Express upon their return to Vancouver. Let's keep in touch Doc. I'm looking to hear the many great memories from Darcy, Rick, Eddie and others in the weeks to come. Tracy knows how to reach me.

12:11 AM  

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