Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday in Brampton

Still feeling the after-effects of the loss the nite before was evident through out the morning. Darcy was contacted by the press from Vancouver and outlined the lack of compete we had put out there and told them that we could expect a different game vs Yorkton tomorrow. It was still hard for all of us to swallow, but some how knew it was time to get on with the energy towards the next game and the rest of the tournament. Practice ice was cancelled as it was decided that this would not be the best formula for getting focus back. It was already planned that the bunch of us were going to take in a Blue Jay game at 1:00 pm. We arrived at Roger's Center ( still Sky Dome to me!!!) and watched a pitching duel with the Jays and Angels. Great game and energy............. boys were stoked as they got to go to the Eaton's Centerfor some shopping (rumoured Bobby Vermette had to buy under-wear?). This team really likes each other, as much as I have ever seen in a dressing room and events like this really help with the eventual on ice product. It was Steve Cunningham's Birthday, or was it?? Once again it was Billy Reimer's Birthday...... Happy birthday Billy, these players really love you and hoped you loved your birthday pie!


Blogger DJKyle said...

Nice picture of Cunny (aka Mountain Man). Glad to hear Bobby was able to find underwear, more than we need to know (was there a Wal-mart near???). Looking forward to the trip down east. Glad to hear that the hotel is great and the guys are having a great time.

Thanks for the info, keep us up to date.


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