Sunday, May 07, 2006

Warriors Chill-laxing at the Jays Game
Dave Simoes... back to business tomorrow!

Few photos from the day

  • a comment on the refereeing so far in game 1. Game was called close right from the start for both teams and really was not a factor.
  • health wise we have a bit of cold virus, a bit of flu, worn down gladiators but not too bad. The last game had us giving more than receiving the hits.
  • Food and accomdations have been excellent
  • price of gas, though still apalling, cheaper by a lot! saw 93.4/litre today........... and that's good (my gawd!)
  • we're going to still do this.................. I have that feeling

Till later,



Blogger DJKyle said...

Thanks for setting up the blog Scott. Big win for the boys today over Yorkton.

5:24 PM  
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