Sunday, May 07, 2006

Welcome all to the Royal Bank Cup and the Burnaby Express.

Game Action vs Streetsville Game 1

This is my first attempt at blogging at all and frankly I hate computers(very intimidating to us none geeky types!!!). I am hoping to capture a piece of the Express journey into hockey history as they roll towards the RBC(Royal Bank Cup). I will qualify myself as your blogger............. I am Dr. D. Scott Morrison, team Chiropractor for the Express from the beginning. I have made this trip to do what I can do to help this team finish their goal of a National Championship. My goal for this team is performance through optimal health. We have had a great year on the ice and I know it is do so many things coming together (I think our planets collectively have aligned with the team to all the great support!).

These postings will attempt to portray an opinion (mine) of what is taking place out here and will try to stay PC, though I am very passionate about hockey, this team, health and other intangibles which may factor in........... so I am pre-qualifying a disclaimer of........ if you don't like what you read or my opinion, so be it. You are entitled to believe that which you choose and so am I. That out of the way, I hope to have some fun doing this and if I'm not, I'll stop doing it (my approach to life).

I am going to try and publish this so that I can see if this works, if succcessful I am going to post more meat and spuds on the team and so on. Here goes???


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