Sunday, May 14, 2006

Need I Say more!

I have a few hundred photos from the game , dressing room and after-soire, but I felt this one from a 20 year old sipping champagne from the RBC captures it for me. There was a lot of emotion surrounding the last week and a bit, and it didn't deflect off me.

May get a chance to post before I go, if not, then congratulations to all of us and I do mean every single one of us, we all are part of the sweetness of a job well done. Good night



Saturday, May 13, 2006

Script already written, Express just following Destiny!

You all know the score by now Express 3 - FW 2 (OT)!

Two goals in the last 2 minutes, the tying goal with 12 ticks left in regulation. A great offensive surge in OT Turris back to Seabrooke who feathered a perfect pass into Mark Soares who potted the puck in the back of the net! Many of us hung on to the dream, yet with all of you, we died a couple of deaths in regulation and through to overtime.

Great games by the veteran leaders on this team, all of them stepping up for this mission. We are hurting (undiscloseable at this time), but these gladiators will get patched over nite, tape an aspirin or two on their wounds and finish the season off in style.

Luker, Simoes, Orban, Rogers, Irwin, Crowder and Soares will all be playing their last game of Junior hockey due to age and several others have schollied and this will also be their last. This will not be a factor in their preparations for tomorrow, but will instead be a very sweet marachino on top of a huge mountain on Ice Cream! Their eyes are still on the prize.

Hoping that everyone out there in Cyber-world is as excited about the game tomorrow as I am. This has been 5 years in the making for me and an incredible labour of love for the game, the players and all associated with the team. We have already won, the manuscript followed to a tee by all of us. One day of our hardest work left.

I'll be in touch if anything crosses my way

Pooped in Brampton


PS. A very happy 16th birthday wish to BillyReimer, tireless stick boy for the Express

Friday, May 12, 2006

More Hardware

#22 Mark Soares of our Bby Express is named tournament most sportsmanlike and wins $500 scholarship along with a great trophy. Quite an honor for this player. This post is probably not reaching his family as I think all 563 of them are hear supporting Joe and Paula's dynamo.

What more can be said about Mark, I know the school that secures his speed and style of play will go as far as Mark has led every team his played on

Congratulations Lady Byng


Merth named Tourney Best D-man

Hot off the press......... Express defenseman Peter Merth was honored as this RBC's best!! Peter, wearing his cleanest dirty undershirt and looking like Brother Hazicahya (Omish superstar Defender), posed with his trophy and playoff beard. This is a so deserved award for such a steady, take care of business hockey roadblock. I am very proud of Pete as is my roadtrip roomie, and dad, Dr. Kevin Merth. When they announced his name at the awards banquet, Peter said he was a bit stunned and pleased all at the same time.

Way to go Pete, I know all of us out here are happy for you and I'm sure Mom, Danny, Tommy and Greg share your pleasure with this!

Stay tuned, more to come


Mark Soares pre-season!

And @ the RBC with his eyes on the Prize

5 Year most popular player Mark Soares is focussed on his pot'o'gold like never have I seen him before! His transition from 16 year old walk-on at our first camp to a take no shit from no-one Gladiator with offense/defense heart and leading by example is a story within a story. Do not tell Mark that something "can't" be done, I repeat..........DO NOT! He will not only disagree but go out and prove you wrong. His mission is coming to fruition!!!! We are lucky to have him on our team and to be a leader for our younger players, let alone a whole frickin hockey community! Young hockey players out there here is a icon for success and watch what he does this weekend! He is our "Portugese Dancing War Rooster!"


Parents and Family Support

The Express sure have been supported by their respective families!

There have been great sacrifices of time , cost and distance made by many to cheer on these warriors. The "We love Kyle Turris #8" lucky sign made the trip, we will take anything we can muster in addition to great play and coaching to take home the RBC. Heard the gathering at BWC is growing for the final game. The boys are made aware of this following from our side of the country and this certainly is fuel for their fire, keep up the is felt deeply out here!

This is a day of reflection for all involved out here as we all get ready for the semi-final. Fort William is going to see a different, more complete opponent this time around. Don't be surprised to see the volume turned up real loud for this game, the team really wants to go all the way.

Will be interesting to see who gets what award at he banquet tonite? Don't be surprised to see the Streetsville goalie (name? Wilson?) get the MVP. He certainly stopped some quality puck when he played us!

Our guys are all MVTM'S (most valued team mates), maybe a bonus award is out there for one or more of them??



"The Prize"

The holy Grail for 2006.............stay tuned!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Semi-Finals Await

By now you know the score? Express 5.......Jolliete3

We had the luxury of not throwing all our fire-power at the East Champions, and didn't but we have plenty of depth that allowed us to beat these guys rather handily. The bench was shortened to 2 lines for the 3rd period such that we didn't risk injury to the top two lines and the boys did a great job. The french Flashes threw a lot of desperation at us for the last 10 minutes and carved a 4-1 leaddown by 2 goals. They gave it their all but ran into a piece of plexi-glass across the net named Mathew Gordon. Our superstar-in-waiting was brilliant, especially with the chunk of leather on his left hand foiling the no-quit quebecois. He clearly showed up his rival 190 feet across the ice, named Hartley (son of Atlanta Thrasher's coach Bob Hartley!). Shots on goal did not reflect the play as the coaches used all the cards in their deck to work the team in for the semis and beyond.

Debra, Gordo's photo for you........... he earned a big stripe in mine and every other set of eyes watching him tonite!( Bloggers can be manipulated).

Banquet tomorrow nite, practise tomorrow morning...... missing Everton our 1st Bussy, had a freak-show for the trip back from the rink. We're healthy, happy, hungry and running out of clean clothes (good sign I think!). Snuffy I passed along your message to Verm (he said to keep his truck if you can find it?). Tracey and her mom arrived in one piece as did owners Hannigan and McLean! Welcome....... the contingent grows as does our anticipation of a RBC. Where's Patty and Tim, Robbie (Billy? Giants?).

I smell it skatesharpener, and it smells good (better than the press box!!!!)

1:00 am out here, Dr. Merth is giving me the evil look like I should be wrapping this up, don't want anything from his medicine chest slipped into my morning coffee?

Nite all, catch you 2morrow


Are the boys ready for the "Action?"

Of coarse they are!! These guys were born ready, woke up fact they wanted you all to know that they are ......................................Ready!

Blogger's other Job!

Preparation for performance is what melds Chiropractic and hockey. Naturally there are plenty of bumps and bangs that I have to deal with, but the majority of what I do is preventative such that these warriors bounce on their skates rather than break when the contact starts. There is plenty of art and science around this and I find that it is a very positive addition to the dressing room prep for the Express. The boys often get adjustments just before hitting the ice for warm-up and enjoy the added plus of this pro-active approach.

Looking forward to prepping these guys to take out Joliette.

More later


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brampton Embraces Express

The conversion of locals to becoming die-hard Burnaby Express fans is becoming more and more complete! Many of these fans are younger and all were heard discussing plans of moving to Burnaby as soon as they get old enough to drive so that they could further follow and cheer for the team that plays at the rink on Joe Sakic Way. These young fans were bussed in from local schools and adopted the express as "their team!" Once again many of the huge throngs of fans wore their purple plastic seat costumes to the game to complete their stealth act of not appearing like they were actually attending this Canadian Championship. Reminds me a bit of the World Junior Championship games that are held in other countries other than Canada or North Dakota! These kids out here deserve better, with more fans than we have seen. Very refreshing to have these school kids out. Shame on the organizers for "selling" all their tickets to these kids and then having nothing left to sell the handful of parents, family and friends but the $ 25 tickets!! What a gouge...... shame, shame!!

The Boys have qualified for the semi-finals, but do not know who they will be playing at present. Just got word that Joliette has beaten the Host team 4-1 (Streetsville playing AP's and back up keeper!). Streetsville will finish first regardless (not "irregardless" skatesharpener!) and we can finish 2, 3 or maybe even 4 depending on the game with Joliette tomorrow. Boys will be playing to win to get home line change advantage for the semi game, but don't be surprised if there are some new bodies put in charge of that task.

Last comment............ all teams are staying at the same hotel and it is a very controlled, sedate environment out here. Parents, billets be very proud of your boys, they are all fine young gentlemen who are shining examples of family/team/province(BC) and we are all more and more proud of them each day.

Looking forward to beating the "Action" tomorrow


See you soon C.

Express Win.....Express Win!

Not pretty, but pretty effective! Fort William put up a great effort, but fell short 3-2 to our express. I thought the express out-chanced the FW Northstars and got some timely stops from Luker when they were needed. Both of FW's goals were attached to a good chunk of chance and bad puck luck but they were enough to keep a lead throughout most of the game. The Matic/Soares/Turris line dominated virtually every shift they were out there. Young Turris had the goal of the year in the 2nd period as he one timed a ICBM past the helpless FW keeper, set up by some nifty passes from Soarsie and Matic. This line has been an offensive force every time they have been out there during the RBC. I have a strong feeling we are gong to see a lot more production out of the # 1 line of McNeeley/Irwin/Crowder in the future tourney, they have been contained but certainly not for the future games.

Merth and co. were again passsing out hurt to the other teams forwards and this kept the momentum of play in Burnaby's favour. Very physical out here and all players (offense/defense) are feeling it. Taping a few aspirin on the contusions and these guys are GTG.

Off to play Fort William

5 year veteran Mark Soares off to pound on the Fort William squad from the "nort" of Ontario.

Went through the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday and was completely taken by most of it. Being a hockey trivia nut and Historian of the game, I was in awe of the completeness of the displays, trophies, milestone equipment pieces (including significant pucks and sticks), video etc....... There was also tributes to amateur hockey, including Junior A! The old Centennial Cup was displayed as was mention of last years RBC Champions, Weyburn Redwings (complete with one of their helmuts from the championship game!). Wouldn't it be great to win this tournament and have Mark's jersey in the same display case as a symbol of all the hard he and his mates (and previous years players and support personal too!) had put into this effort?

Off to play FW (Fort William). They are a skilled team that needs a good beating from the "Pacific Power" Express. Wish us well and I'll post after the game.

Hi to Skatesharpener, trainer, djkyle, cind, tod, wendy, sean, tracy and the rest of you who are hear in spirit for this Herculian effort.

Getting closer, I can smell it!!!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Great to have Mom and Dad aboard

Yeah we won tonight, yeah we played hard, yeah it was tough!

Hope everyone is following back home! This tourney is bound to get tougher each game in. I'm sure we will see 2 more teams who want this as bad as we do. We're healthy, hungry and thankful to be here.

More tomorrow

Monster Game from Merth

Peter Merth played the game of his life this afternoon. His physical play and offensive contributions earned him and his team 2 points and Peter the player of the game award for his team. Well deserved and nice to see a superior defender receive the just reward! Peter has being doing this selflessly for 4 years for this team and is all about team first.

Peter nailed one of the larger Terriers at the team benchs, almost depositing him in the dugout. Pete said after the game," he was pretty strong on his feet, wasn't he"........with a big Cheshire Cat grin! College and pro scouts aren't missing his and other Express players' performances.

Day off from the rink, and a trip to Niagara Falls for the lads. Fort William gets to experience express on Wednesday.

Good to see so many parents and family getting to our games!

We're missing the married Italians........ Vinny and Carlo (Finnuccci and Santorelli), hope you two are here soon?

Way too many fans disguised as a few thousand purple seats at the "Powerade Center." Locals are saying that its the "Laughs" or nothing around these parts. Too bad, I hope people find their way to a seat for the final........ would hate to see TSN broadcast nationally with an empty barn????

Off to work out and blow some cobwebs off my cycling legs!

More later, hope you are enjoying......... let your friends know about the blog and the game on Sunday (TSN)


C. see you soon

PS Happy Birthday.............. again Billy R. The boys sure love you ! (too many desserts?)

Express Win 1st Game @ RBC ..... 4-2 over Yorkton

Much better effort team!!!! Played a very big, hard hitting, bush wacking Yorkton Terrier squad and showed up with plenty of effort. 2 quick goals and lots of hits both ways and the boys are building some RBC momentum. This team was the top ranked team in this tournament and it wasn't because of their hockey skills, rather their big, physical, whinning about every call style of play.

Speed-wise our boys were up to snuff this time around. The ice was still like skating in sawdust but we trudged through it (both teams had to slush through it!). There was again a lack of finish at times that we are not used to seeing with the express, but I confirmed with a number of the players that pucks were not sliding as they were used to back on home ice.

The ref called the eary part of the game close and gradually let more and more go and this favoured our flatlander opponents as that is a big part of their skill set ( Maybe Lee Boydon could get them faller/bucker gigs on Vancouver Island??). Lots of crap behind the play not called and it was great to see us turn the other cheek and focus on trying to put the puck through to the net. Would be nice to see the officiating consistent at a National Level, but we adapted as we can.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Warriors Chill-laxing at the Jays Game
Dave Simoes... back to business tomorrow!

Few photos from the day

  • a comment on the refereeing so far in game 1. Game was called close right from the start for both teams and really was not a factor.
  • health wise we have a bit of cold virus, a bit of flu, worn down gladiators but not too bad. The last game had us giving more than receiving the hits.
  • Food and accomdations have been excellent
  • price of gas, though still apalling, cheaper by a lot! saw 93.4/litre today........... and that's good (my gawd!)
  • we're going to still do this.................. I have that feeling

Till later,


Sunday in Brampton

Still feeling the after-effects of the loss the nite before was evident through out the morning. Darcy was contacted by the press from Vancouver and outlined the lack of compete we had put out there and told them that we could expect a different game vs Yorkton tomorrow. It was still hard for all of us to swallow, but some how knew it was time to get on with the energy towards the next game and the rest of the tournament. Practice ice was cancelled as it was decided that this would not be the best formula for getting focus back. It was already planned that the bunch of us were going to take in a Blue Jay game at 1:00 pm. We arrived at Roger's Center ( still Sky Dome to me!!!) and watched a pitching duel with the Jays and Angels. Great game and energy............. boys were stoked as they got to go to the Eaton's Centerfor some shopping (rumoured Bobby Vermette had to buy under-wear?). This team really likes each other, as much as I have ever seen in a dressing room and events like this really help with the eventual on ice product. It was Steve Cunningham's Birthday, or was it?? Once again it was Billy Reimer's Birthday...... Happy birthday Billy, these players really love you and hoped you loved your birthday pie!
Third Period Meltdown

We simply did not compete for pucks this time out. In fact our first shot on goal did not come to exactly at the 10 minute mark of the period. We looked tired, disinterested and allowed a less than capable team start dictating the momentum of the play. We picked up our play once Streetsville had chipped away and tied the score and had several chances scaundered away as I do feel the condition of the ice had us bounce pucks of their mark. Even as such we did not look like the team that had left the west with such impressive victories.


We again had several opportunities to win this, but it wasn't supposed to be our evening (a higher purpose......... do you believe??). Streetsville eventually scored the winner against the flow and there was indeed disbelief on the faces of everyone, I mean everyone with this organization!! This should have been a lop-sided ass kicking our way, major under-achievement for sure. The coaches knew it, and the players definitely knew and felt it.

I will not point a finger at individuals, but will pose a group blame at all of us involved. We were not as ready and adaptable as we have to be to win the RBC. Here is the good news........ we are a character team that has rebounded admirably from adversity all playoffs and it was much better this happened sooner than later!!!!! None of the team liked the feeling of losing to a team that we should have mopped the rink up with. Give the Derbies credit for playing hard enough to beat us. I don't seeing happening again! There is now a sense of urgency that maybe was absent prior to this game. Get this out of the way, build some momentum towards the tournament playoff and finals and I know this team will win this. Time for some vets to step up and play like they can and lead by example on how to take apart another team. Remember the game after Fort Mac tied up the series 2-2! Watch out, motivation is high. Bye for now.


PS. Happy birthday Billy Reimer, what a great kid!

PSS C. miss u

Final score vs Streetsville!!!

Ok, not how most of us saw this starting!

Didn't see this coming but there are positives if we look for them. The lads appeared ready when I hooked up with them Saturday afternoon. I flew in (little or no sleep for 4 of us on this flight), checked in to the hotel and pretty much was soon off to the rink. The games are being played in the Powerade Center ( did I tell you I didn't like corperate names on arenas!) and it is a great facility. There are plenty of very willing and giving volunteers, just like with most hockey organizations (give yourselves a pat on the back, all of you now!), and we are well taken care of here. The boys took the ice around 7:30ish and had to endure a lengthy opening ceremony(yawn). The Streetsville team were playing their first meaningful game in 71 days and had lost in the first round of their league playoffs. Both teams looked tenative for the first 5 minutes and we had to kill off a penalty in the first minute. We looked God awful for the first 10 minutes could barely get a shot on goal (including 2 powerplays[pp's]). Streetsville score on the PP and we were down 1-0. Passes were in skates, non-existant and there appeared to be no compete. From the 10 minute mark on we started to play more of our game and we started to get a better look at who Streetsville was. Kyle Turris got a nice deflected goal before the end of the period and we went into the break tied at 1's.

There appeared to be alot of bouncing pucks, missed offensive opportunity and the team looked very sluggish. Different start to the 2nd period. The Express we have seen through the playoffs returned to the ice for the timebeing and dominated, Streetsville looked like a middle of the pack Junior B team. We scored 2 nice goals and should have had 3 or 4 more, still struggling with controlling the puck (real shitty ice!). ...........Go to next post, limited to space here!

Welcome all to the Royal Bank Cup and the Burnaby Express.

Game Action vs Streetsville Game 1

This is my first attempt at blogging at all and frankly I hate computers(very intimidating to us none geeky types!!!). I am hoping to capture a piece of the Express journey into hockey history as they roll towards the RBC(Royal Bank Cup). I will qualify myself as your blogger............. I am Dr. D. Scott Morrison, team Chiropractor for the Express from the beginning. I have made this trip to do what I can do to help this team finish their goal of a National Championship. My goal for this team is performance through optimal health. We have had a great year on the ice and I know it is do so many things coming together (I think our planets collectively have aligned with the team to all the great support!).

These postings will attempt to portray an opinion (mine) of what is taking place out here and will try to stay PC, though I am very passionate about hockey, this team, health and other intangibles which may factor in........... so I am pre-qualifying a disclaimer of........ if you don't like what you read or my opinion, so be it. You are entitled to believe that which you choose and so am I. That out of the way, I hope to have some fun doing this and if I'm not, I'll stop doing it (my approach to life).

I am going to try and publish this so that I can see if this works, if succcessful I am going to post more meat and spuds on the team and so on. Here goes???